Christian Service


The concept of Christian service is an important component of the Aquinas Middle School curriculum. Students are encouraged to consider the value of the service to others:

1. at home
2. at school
3. in their parish/school
4. in their community

At Aquinas Middle School, we feel that service to others is an integral way for students to experience their faith in action and to grow in that faith.

To follow through on this emphasis of Christian service to the parish, community, and others, there is a service component requirement in all middle school religion classes. Seventh grade students have a four hour quarterly minimum service requirement. Eighth grade students have an eight hour quarterly minimum service requirement. Students are strongly encouraged to experience service in several of the four areas. Also, for students interested in raising their religion grade beyond grades received in classroom work, more hours of service are accepted.

It is the belief at Aquinas Middle School that this service experience will provide personal satisfaction that will generate further involvement in high school and later life.