Dianne McConaghy
Educational Background:
Bachelors Degree Elementary Education:  UW-La Crosse
Masters Degree Elementary Education:  Viterbo University
Advanced Religious Education Certification

Educational Experience:
34 years with Aquinas Catholic Schools

Social Studies and Religion

Inspiration to Teach:
I was inspired to become a teacher at an early age. As a La Crosse native, I attended Catholic schools for both elementary and high school and always felt a calling to be a Catholic teacher. Both the atmosphere of the schools and the passion for learning that my teachers shared influenced my decision. 

Teaching at Aquinas:
I can be myself and encourage young people to live their faith in all aspects of their lives. Students are friendly and respectful, parents are partners in their children's learning, and teachers care about teaching the whole person rather than just academics. 

I look forward to coming to school each day because every day at AMS is different. Middle school students present both challenge and reward! Their youthful enthusiasm, curiosity, and desire for learning keep me on my toes and I learn as much from them as I hope to impart to them. Finally, the faculty and staff of AMS are both compassionate and professional. I cannot imagine working for any other system. 

Favorite Quote:
"Everything in moderation."