Mary Tierney
Educational Background:
Bachelor of Science:  State University of New York at Brockport
Master of Science:  Western Connecticut State University

Educational Experience:
13 years with Aquinas Catholic Schools
23 years total teaching experience

Math 7, Accelerated Math, and Religion

From swim lessons to mathematics, teaching has been a lifelong passion.  I taught middle school math in my home state of New York for 10 years.  After a hiatus to raise my family and several moves, I went back to teaching for Aquinas Catholic Schools.  After 13 years, I still truly enjoy working with middle school aged students and passing on my excitement about mathematics.  I obtained a masters degree in Secondary Math Education and continue taking classes to improve my teaching ability.  In my free time I enjoy exercising, reading, and spending time with my husband, five daughters, and two grandchildren.
7th Grade Math
Students explore and practice a variety of strategies for solving real-world problems. Number patterns involving integers, exponents, square roots, and geometry are topics of investigation. Basic operations involving integers, proportions, and percents are mastered. Working with algebraic expressions, translating real-life problems into symbolic equations, solving multi-step equations, and using formulas and variables in geometry are basic preparation for algebra.