Aquinas Middle School
Curriculum Layout

At Aquinas Middle School, a comprehensive middle school curriculum, as listed below, is taught:

Core Courses – 7th & 8th Grades
Language Arts and Literature
Social Studies
Encore Courses – 7th & 8th Grades
International Language (Spanish or French)
Band, Choir, Strings, or General Music
Physical Education

International Language: Students may choose a two-year program of French or Spanish. Aquinas Middle School offers students the opportunity to complete their first year of a high school international language during the middle school years. Seventh grade students select from French or Spanish and follow through with that in eighth grade. Successful completion of the course, along with teacher recommendation, allows the student to begin high school at level 2 of the international language.
Music: Students in all grades must choose one music elective (Band, Choir, Strings, or General Music). Every attempt is made to allow students two music choices when requested. Aquinas Middle School offers four selections of music for students. Band, Strings, and Choir are performance groups. General Music will cover history, theory, and experiences of music without a strong focus on performance. Students may enroll in two music courses with the understanding that there will be no time in the student schedule for a study hall.
Math: Accelerated Math is offered to qualifying seventh grade students. High school Algebra is offered to qualifying eighth grade students. Qualifying students are notified of their placement in July before the beginning of the new school year.
Please note: Encore courses meet once in a three day cycle. An Encore course may not be offered if enrollment numbers are not sufficient to offer the course.