Welcome to Aquinas Middle School. It is with great pride, pleasure and awareness of privilege that I serve the families and students of our school.  Aquinas Middle School is a Catholic middle school housing seventh and eighth grade students.  As an educator, I am very aware that these developmental years are certainly challenging for our students.  As a school community with God as our focus, we are able to provide an education that unites our faith, our family and our youth.  I invite you to visit Aquinas Middle School and personally experience the life of the school.  It is truly a school that makes a difference!!!

Often I am asked, "Why Catholic schools?", "Why invest in a Catholic education?"

As you make decisions for your child, I Share with you my response and reflection in that regard.

In keeping with Robert Fulghum's "All I really need to know I learned in Kindergarten", I would comment that "All I really need to know about how to live and what to do and how to be", I learned through my Catholic education.  When parents invest in a Catholic education for their child, they are working in partnership with the Catholic Church, pastors and teachers to help their child benefit from the best opportunities surrounding them.  I believe that spiritual formation, human compassion, academic excellence, and character development are the focus of a Catholic school education.  They exist in partnership with each other.

As a product of a K-12 Catholic school education, I learned that prayer can be a source of spiritual growth, support and guidance.  I learned that others have a lot to offer to me if only I just listen.  I learned how to say please and thank you.  I learned that it's good to challenge myself to become better.  I learned that it is better to give rather than to receive.  I learned to start and end my day in thanksgiving to God for the blessings that He will give and has given to me.  I learned that life is not predictable but unconditional love is.  I learned that a lot of people care about me and want to see me succeed.  I learned that there really are safe places in the world to be me - home, church and school.  I learned to embrace life rather than watch it pass me by.  I learned that hard work builds a sense of pride and confidence.  I learned that it is OK to be challenged to become and do better.  I learned that I can meet the challenges put forth to me.  I learned that God is everywhere, in everyone and in everything - if only I look deeply and closely.

I am a Catholic school educator because I chose to pass these life lessons on to others.  I am grateful, beyond reason, for the opportunities my parents provided me through a Catholic education and I strive to provide those same opportunities to the young people that are entrusted to my care today.  Some say a Catholic education is not tangible therefore not worth the investment.  I say that a Catholic education uses the intangible to develop the tangible and with it, guide strong faith leaders into adulthood.

Patty Gallagher-Kosmatka
Principal, Aquinas Middle School

Contact: Patty.GK@AquinasSchools.org